Reskilling Programmes

Improving employability among unemployed and people at-risk through theoretical and on-the-job training, enabling employers to find candidates with the right competence and capabilities.

Mission of our reskilling PROGRAMMES

Dual reskilling programs for in-demand occupations will combine theoretical and on-the-job training for current and future skill needs

Mission of our reskilling PROGRAMMES

Support unemployed people and increase employability after program. Experience from Volvo Group: >80% employed after programme

Future-proof organisations by matching employers’ needs with skilled candidates

Future-proof Sweden’s workforce, ensuring
workforce with relevant capabilities will be competitive
in the global market

Strengthen employer branding by increasing association with values like social responsibility and apprenticeship culture

R4E collaborates with different stakeholders
in Sweden

To launch effective reskilling programmes R4E engages and connects with stakeholders across many sectors



R4E Sweden connects and mobilises companies within different industries, to secure competences for in-demand occupations.

Companies either design their own programme, or connect to a partner-led one, and provide on-the-job training for participants.

Public ecosystem

Public ecosystem

R4E Sweden mobilises relevant parts of the public ecosystem with labour market expertise, eg. Arbetsförmedlingen, the Swedish Public Employment Service.

Training provider

Training provider

R4E Sweden will collaborate with education providers on the delivery of the theoretical component of the reskilling programme

Civil society

Civil society

R4E Sweden involves relevant parts of civil society, such as trade unions, industry organizations and employers’ organizations, in the development of programmes

Our reskilling PROGRAMMES are designed to increase your chances of employment

All programmes are 3-6 months long to ensure efficient reskilling, building on best practices from 200+ reskilling initiatives

Corporate led

Company designs and runs its own program, including on-the-job training (eg., Volvosteget has 100 participants per year)

Education provider linked to programme to offer theoretical training

Partner led

A partner coordinated program for a specific occupation and with a curriculum applicable across companies, and supports in recruitment

Education provider linked to programme to offer theoretical training

Multiple companies are linked to the programme, providing on-the-job training to smaller groups of participants

Case study: Volvo corporate-led programme

Volvo Group’s programme to reskill unemployed adults aged 18-23 combines internship and education into industrial occupations with a successful employability rate of over 80%

  • More than 10,000 applications in total
  • 44-52% female participants
  • More than 1,400 certificates issued
  • 96% satisfaction rate among the program’s participants
  • 20-25% continue to work within the Volvo group, varying by site and age
  • Few drop-outs: 8-10% of participants have dropped out (primarily due to new employment or studies)

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