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What is reskilling

Reskilling means learning new skills and competencies to carry out a different occupation or career path

What is R4E?

R4E is a European project driven by the European Round Table for Industry to improve competitiveness and promote sustainable and inclusive growth in the context of the digital and energy transition.

Our focus is on employability, in order to contribute to closing the gap between labour supply and demand.

We target both the unemployed and employees who need to re-skill in new skills.

We aim to create a talent ecosystem where we all have a place: companies, candidates, administration, university, training providers, sectoral organisations, employment agencies.

In Spain, the project is organised in sectoral laboratories (labs). “Digital” and “Green Jobs” labs are currently in operation. New labs are planned to be launched in the coming months.

Why r4e?

Europe has a mismatch between the skills demanded by companies and the skills of workers due to the green and digital transition.

We promote social inclusion and economic competitiveness by re-skilling Europe’s workforce.

The Spanish labour market

In Spain, between 1.5 and 2 million people will need to change jobs in the coming years and more than 3 million will need to learn new skills. The evolution towards a digital and sustainable economy will drive job creation in a large number of sectors.

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