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What is reskilling

Reskilling means learning new skills and competencies to carry out a different occupation or career path

What is R4E?

R4E mobilises partnerships between relevant organisations and shares best practices to reskill for employment

Why r4e?

We promote social inclusion and economic competitiveness in the context of the green & digital transitions, by boosting reskilling
across the EU

The Spanish labour market

Labor is expected to grow >9% until 2030, but ~2% of the population lives in regions where employment reduction is a possibility Oxford Economics; Automation and the future of the workforce, McKinsey Global Institute (2018)


Demand for jobs in agriculture and restoration is expected to decrease, while that for jobs related to IT, digital, green and healthcare will see an increase

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Companies leading R4E
in Spain

A leader in training programmes that stand out for their practical approach and use of innovative tools, Iberdrola aims to train 15,000 people over the next two years through its reskilling programs in green occupations. These include Solar Panel Plants Installer, Electric Vehicle Recharging Infrastructure Installer, heat electrification technicians

SAP offers flexible training programmes that have a job insertion rate of 90%. Over the next two years, it plans to reskill 3,000 people in tech occupations aligned with the digital transition, especially focused on training SAP specialists (e.g., SAP financial consultant, SAP business ONE and ABAP) around the use of this technology and its functionalities within companies

Telefónica and its Foundation reinforce their commitment to talent, leveraging education and training as the most powerful tools to leave no one behind. This is the reason why Fundación Telefónica has turned its headquarters into a large international learning ecosystem for new digital skills. This measure seeks to address  the needs and challenges of the digital society, offering the best opportunities to the 100,000 people who each year will have the chance to train in new tech disciplines such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence, intelligent fiber optics, Edge Computing, Deep Learning algorithms, Internet of Things, Cloud, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, etc.

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