What we do

Discover what we do to tackle the reskilling challenge

Occupational focus

We focus on occupational areas where future demand is expected to grow. These areas will also have strategic importance across Europe, especially in the context of the green and digital transitions.

Our approach

Support and develop high-placement reskilling programmes aligned with our comprehensive methodology

Mobilise and enable employment ecosystems

Support reskilling ecosystems through tech-enablement platforms

​Test and propose new funding mechanisms

Our reskilling methodology

R4E aims to promote the adoption of best practices along the 7-step reskilling value-chain.

We have examined 200+ reskilling initiatives across the world to codify best practices for each step and identify the most effective solutions to deliver reskilling at scale.

We regularly update our programme based on learnings from ongoing initiatives.

  • Monitoring job
    and skills demand and supply
  • Program design
  • Candidate awareness and assessment
  • Training delivery and recognition
  • Candidate job placement
  • Monitoring and evaluating
  • Funding scheme
Monitoring job
and skills demand and supply

Continuously monitoring demand and supply of occupations to determine gaps where a reskilling program could be beneficial

Our impact

R4E wants to generate benefits for both the government and society:

Lower unemployment and inequality

Stronger competitiveness of European firms

Increased productivity and long-term economic growth

Net budget savings via higher tax contributions and lower expenditures

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