The Proactive Reskilling Journey

Proactive Reskilling enables people to explore future career paths and develop the right capabilities to find new roles, before they have to

Proactive Reskilling Journey

Moving from reactive to proactive reskilling

A joint effort between all ecosystem stakeholders in the labour market is required to address the increasing skills gaps and risk of unemployment

Our vision of a proactive reskilling journey for employers and employees

R4E is developing a proactive reskilling platform

An interactive platform where employers and employees can access data-driven tools is being developed together with key representatives in the Swedish labour market

For employees

For employees

“Occupation guide” provides insights on:

  • Future outlook for current professional role, eg. risk of automation
  • Recommendations of other professional roles based on profile
  • Differences from current professional role, eg. salary level
  • Tips on educational paths for possible transition to a new profession

For employers

For employers

“Occupation prognosis” provides insights on:

  • Future prospects for specific professional roles
  • Expected supply and demand provide estimates of opportunities for jobs in the short and long term
  • Gained insights function as complement to the internal Strategic Workforce Planning process

As part of the platform, R4E provides a strategic workforce planning (SWP) toolkit

SWP is a critical step for employers to prepare their organisation for the future by actively aligning business strategy with people plans and priorities, and to build a sustainable workforce

SWP is a stepwise process and typically includes a version of the following steps:


Assess the impact of external factors and trends


Identify future key capabilities and analyse current workforce to identify skill gaps


Implement, monitor and adapt actions


Implement, monitor and adapt actions

The Proactive Reskilling platform will continuously evolve

Platform 1.0

Basic features of analytical tools
Strategic Workforce Planning toolkit

Platform 2.0

New features added to analytical tools, eg. match occupations with soft skills

Platform X.0

Continuous improvement of Tool and SWP toolkit

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