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What is R4E?

In 2020, the European Round Table for Industry (ERT), which brings together CEOs and Chairs of around 60 of the largest European companies, launched Reskilling 4 Employment (R4E).

The goal of this pan-European programme is to help provide reskilling opportunities to unemployed and ‘at-risk’ workers, so they can find employment in new occupations.

What we aim to achieve:

Contribute to the strengthening of companies’ human capital and economic recovery

Promote social inclusion and a solution for the challenges posed by the digital and climatic transitions


Through PRO_MOV, R4E follows participants all the way from application to their first months at work. The program helps people to choose the best programme for them, organizing visits to get them to know their future workplace, and helping them prepare for job interviews. In addition, it provides participants with mentorship support, which will be available at every step of the training and will help participants adapting to their new job.

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What distinguishes us

With the PRO_MOV program, you will become a successful professional with an excellent training

Reformulated and shorter programs, with high quality and certification when available

Paid internship, workplace experience and support in job interview preparation

Focus on candidate’s capabilities, to ensure success even without prior work experience

Innovative project, developed according to European best practices

Our reskilling methodology

Through PRO_MOV programme, R4E aims to promote the adoption of best practices along the 7-step reskilling value-chain. We have examined 200+ reskilling initiatives across the world to codify best practices for each step and identify the most effective solutions to deliver reskilling-at-scale. We regularly update our perspective based on learnings from ongoing initiatives.

  • Monitoring job
    and skills demand and supply
  • Program design
  • Candidate awareness and assessment
  • Training delivery and recognition
  • Candidate job placement
  • Monitoring and evaluating
  • Funding scheme
Monitoring job
and skills demand and supply

Continuously monitoring demand and supply of occupations to determine gaps where a reskilling program could be beneficial

Our impact

R4E wants to generate benefits for both the government and society:

Lower unemployment and inequality

Stronger competitiveness of European firms

Increased productivity and long-term economic growth

Net budget savings via higher tax contributions and lower expenditures

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