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What is reskilling

Reskilling means learning new skills and competencies to carry out a different occupation or career path

Reskilling needs

Automation and digitalisation are changing the nature of work and the demand for workers and skills across Europe.

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~ 0 M

currently employed European workers will need reskilling into a new occupation by 2030 McKinsey Global Institute, The future of work in Europe – Automation, workforce transitions, and the shifting geography of employment, June 2020.

> 0 M

unfilled vacancies in Europe EUROSTAT, Job vacancy rate, JVS_Q_NACE2; ONS, Vacancies and jobs in the UK: October 2021.

~ 0 M

people unemployed for over 6 months EUROSTAT, Unemployment rate by duration, LFSQ-UGAD dataset, Q2 2021, ONS, Labour market overview, UK: October 2021.

Why Reskilling 4 employment?

As Europe embarks on the green and digital transition, the skills gap will only grow.
Closing this gap is crucial to achieving economic growth, enabling the dual transition and securing a Europe that is socially inclusive, internationally competitive and prosperous.
Therefore, there is a need to transform the current reskilling capabilities in Europe and adapt them to this new and complex scenario.

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What we do

Reskilling 4 Employment (R4E) aims to enable reskilling at scale in Europe by improving the reskilling ecosystems, with a focus on applicants finding and retaining a job as the key measure of success.

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Our ambition is to help reskill and place in jobs:

1 M+

people by 2025

5 M+

people by 2030

R4E in short

What is R4E?

R4E mobilises partnerships between relevant organisations and shares best practices to reskill for employment

Why R4E?

We promote social inclusion and economic competitiveness in the context of the green & digital transitions, by boosting reskilling across the EU

How does R4E operate?

  • Supporting and developing high-placement reskilling programs
  • Mobilising employers’ communities
  • Supporting tech enablement
  • Proposing changes to funding mechanisms

Where we operate

We are currently active in Portugal, Spain and Sweden, and are planning to expand to other countries soon.


  • Launch of reskilling labs in partnership with the IEFP
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